Tropical Lollipops Bundle. Includes One-10.4 Oz Bags of Dum-Dums Limited Edition Lollipops. Comes with Individually Wrapped Lollipops in 8 Delicious Fruit Flavors Plus a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet!

Sale price$11.99


Have some fun and tasty tropical flavors of Dum Dums! Peach-Mango, Blueberry Burst, Strawberry Kiwi, Dragon Fruit, Pineapple-Coconut, Tropical Freeze, Berry Lemonade, and Lemon-Lime are some of the flavors in Tropical Mix. These tiny pops, which are portable, have a way of making ordinary situations more enjoyable. This Dum Dums Tropical Mix Lollipops is free from Major Allergens. This treat for adults and kids does not contain any Peanuts, Tree nuts, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Shellfish, Wheats, Gluten, and it is made sure that it is manufactured on dedicated equipment. Feel valued and welcomed. Dum-Dums are necessary whenever you're on the road, at home, or in the school, as parents, teachers, and pretty much anyone else who looks after young children are aware. Find out for yourself which is the best one and the most surprising flavor in this pack! Grab a pack and make sure to share and enjoy this treat with your friends and family. For every purchase made, it includes a one-10.4oz pack of Dum Dums Tropical Mix Lollipops. Hurry Up! And taste each flavor that we made for you!

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