Strawberry Bubble Gum Bundle. Includes Three-2.12 Oz Bags of Big League Chew Strawberry-Flavored Bubble Gum. Savor Luscious Strawberry in a Gum! Bundle Comes with a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet!

Sale price$11.99


Big League Chew Bubble Gum is not just a fruit-flavored gum, but also a healthy gum, since it is a Gluten free, Fat, free, Peanut free, Aspartame free, and a low calorie gum that could be enjoyed by anyone. Rob Nelson, the left-handed pitcher of the Portland Mavericks, came up with this fantastic bubble gum. Rob Nelson made sure that it could be considered a go-to gum and a gum that could be enjoyed by many people, by making it as the first shredded gum and packed in a stay-fresh pouch to make sure that the flavor for every strip of the gum is locked in for a long time! Big League Chew Bubble Gum offers a variety of fruit-flavored gums that have been cherished by fans and players since the 1980s. The Big League Chew is also considered as a perfect snack anywhere, just grab it, chew it, and enjoy it for the rest of the whole game and other occasions! Rob Nelson is not just dedicated to his sport but also to his country, that is why Rob Nelson made sure that the Big League Chew is manufactured and made in the U.S.A! What are you waiting for? Run now and make this Big League Chew Slammin' Strawberry yours now! For every purchase you will receive a three-2.12 oz pouch of Big league Chew in the flavor of Slammin' Strawberry and a BELLATAVO item!

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