Sour and Soft Gummy Candy bundle. Includes three-3.1 oz of each box of Sour Patch Kids Candy! Try these new amazing flavors of Sour Patch Kids candy and receive a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet!

Sale price$14.99


Sour Patch Kids Red, White, & Blue offers a new feeling for your tastebuds. This treat contains not just a mix of sweet sour candy, but also three-fruity flavors, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Red Berry Sour Patch. Such a great variation of flavors to choose from. Soft and Chewy textured candy box for both Grown ups and Kids to enjoy. This candy is wonderful for sharing all around during summer picnics and BBQs on holidays such as Memorial Day, the celebration of the Fourth of July, or Labor Day with friends and family. In order to guarantee its freshness, every package is sealed. The colors of each flavor could also enhance the decoration in every occasion. So, gather up, and get these amazing new Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Red berry fruity flavors of Sour Patch Kids. For every bundle purchase, it includes three-3.1 oz each box. Hurry up! and Spice up your celebrations with these wonderful sweet-sour treats!

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