Peach Rings Gummy Candy Bundle. Includes Twelve 2.5 Oz Snack Size Bags of Snak Club Tajin Peach Rings and a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet. Snak Club Tajin Peach Rings are Vegan Candy!

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Bring your favorite peach rings with a twist of tajin seasoning anywhere you go with this peach rings snack size bundle! This peach rings gummy candy bundle includes twelve-2.5 oz snack size bags of Snak Club Tajin Peach Gummy Rings Plus a BELLATAVO Refrigerator Magnet. Each bag of Snak Club Tajin Chili and Lime peach rings has 2.5 oz of tajin seasoning covered gummy snacks, perfect for you to enjoy anywhere. Your favorite Tajin Clasico seasoning is now combined to our mouthwatering peach rings gives you that perfect sweet tang with a hint of chili and lime zing in every piece. Snak Club Tajin Chili Lime Flavored Peach Rings are the perfect mouth-watering snack. Snak Club Tajin Gummy Candy Peach Rings are not just certified gluten free gummies but also are vegan gummies. Enjoy a perfect fruity tart, and sweet candy with a bit of zing without breaking your diet with this tajin candy. This peach rings bundle is also perfect if you are Looking for a snack you could add to your kids lunch box, or for your office snack stash. Snak Club Tajin Gummy Candy in 2.5 Oz Snack Size Bag is perfect for a single serve treat! Enjoy this gummy candy with a twist of chili lime seasoning anywhere you may be!

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