Ovation Break A Part Orange Chocolate Ball (Two Box) and BELLATAVO Recipe Card

Flavor: Chocolate
Size: 20 Count (Pack of 2)
Sale price$14.99


Milk Chocolate Orange Ball Bundle. Includes Two Ovation Break A Part Orange Chocolate Ball and a BELLATAVO Recipe Card! Each Creme d' Orange Filled Milk Chocolate Ball Breaks Into 20 Pieces!

  • This listing of chocolate orange ball bundle is for two-20 pieces of Ovation Chocolate Orange Balls plus a BELLATAVO Recipe Card!
  • ORANGE FLAVOR: Orange flavored crème-filled milk chocolate ball, wrapped in foil, produced in Buffalo, NY!
  • 20 PIECES: One Ovation Break-A-Part smashes into 20 pieces of chocolate with an orange flavored crème center
  • BREAK, UNWRAP & ENJOY: Tap on a hard surface and the chocolate ball breaks into 20 delicious slices. Each slice contains a sweet Orange crème center.
  • Each chocolate orange ball has an orange flavored creme center covered in rich and delicious milk chocolate!

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