Kernel Seasons Cheesy Jalapeno Popcorn Seasoning (Two-2.4oz) and a BELLATAVO Recipe Card

Flavor: Jalapeno
Items count: 2
Sale price$17.99


Things are sure to get spicy and fun when cheese and jalapeno pepper is combined in one popcorn seasoning. This cheesy jalapeno popcorn seasoning bundle includes two-2.4 Oz of Cheesy Jalapeno Popcorn Seasoning from Kernel Season's plus a BELLATAVO Popcorn Cookie Recipe Card! Kernel Season's Cheesy Jalapeno Popcorn Seasoning combines the cheesy goodness of cheddar cheese with the spicy kick of jalapeno. Kernel Season's Cheesy Jalapeno Popcorn Seasoning is made with real Jalapeno Pepper! Each seasoning shaker has 2.4 Oz of popcorn seasoning. . Now the #1 Popcorn Seasoning in America, Kernel Season's passion for flavor started with a college student who wanted to add more flavor to his favorite snack, popcorn. Through experimentation with natural ingredients Kernel Season's was born. From dorm room concoction to becoming a pantry staple, Kernel Seasons can be used to also use to jazz up not only popcorn, but also potatoes, pasta, eggs, vegetables, salad and more. Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning are certified gluten free, Kosher Pareve and contains No MSG and 0g Trans Fat. Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning comes in a variety of flavors including nacho cheddar, ranch, butter and more. Sprinkle this spicy and cheesy popcorn powder on top of your popcorn and make gourmet popcorn right at your home! You can also elevate your usual microwave popcorn and potato snacks with these variety of popcorn seasonings from Kernel Season's. Grab this gluten free popcorn seasoning now and enjoy!

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