Jello Shot Bundle with Starburst Gelatin. Includes 4 Boxes of Starburst Jello Plus BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet! One Box Each Flavor: All Pink Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Cherry & Lemon Jello!

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Sale price$14.99


  • BUNDLE INCLUSION: This Jello Variety Pack bundle includes four boxes of Starburst Jello Gelatin Mix and a BELLATAVO Refrigerator Magnet.
  • VARIETY PACK: This bundle includes four flavored gelatin mix. One of each: Starburst All Pink Strawberry Jello Mix, Starburst Blue Raspberry Jello Mix, Starburst Lemon Jello Mix, and Starburst Cherry Jello Mix.
  • PERFECT FOR JELLO SHOT: Starburst Jello is perfect for making delicious jello shots! Make approximately 48 jello shots using 2 oz jello shot cups. Note that Jello Shot Cups not included in the bundle.
  • BURSTING WITH FLAVOR: If you are inlove with Starburst Candy or Starburst Drink Mix then you'll surely love Starburst Jello! Get that burst of flavor in every gelatin dessert you'll make.
  • FUN JELLO DESSERT: Starburst Jello Mix is not only for jello shots. You can also use these gelatin powder in making cold treats like shaved ice, roll ups and gummy bears.

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