Flavored Marshmallows Easter Lollipop Bundle. Includes Two 1.38 Oz. Peeps Marshmallow Candy Chick Pop in Mike and Ike Flavors Plus a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet. Fun and Colorful Easter Peeps Candy!

Sale price$14.99


Why settle for just one delicious Easter treat when you can have two? Peeps Mike and Ike Rainbow Pops are a sweet combination of our favorite Mike & Ikes classic candy flavor and rainbow-colored marshmallow Peeps that are sure to brighten up any Easter celebration! With four fruit flavors and a delightful texture, Peeps Mikie & Ike Rainbow Pops are the perfect marriage of two beloved treats! These Rainbow Pops are sure to be a hit with your kids this Easter. With the perfect marshmallowy treat in a rainbow of delicious colors, they'll be sure to bring a smile to everyone's face! This flavored marshmallow lollipop bundle includes two 1.32 Oz. sticks of Peeps chick pops in Mike & Ike candy flavors and a BELLATAVO fridge magnet. Bringing together two classic treats in one package! Enjoy colorful and flavorful Mike & Ike's candy mixed with marshmallow Peeps, creating a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy. Bring the Easter bunny magic to everyone with this delicious Easter treat! With a rainbow of colors, they will love nibbling on these yummy-looking marshmallow pops.

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