Christmas Edition Book of Candy Bundle. Includes Two Skittles Christmas Book of Awesome Plus a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet! Each Skittles Book of Candy Includes Three-2.17 Oz Skittles Christmas Candy!

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Make Christmas a lot sweeter and merrier with your favorite Skittles Christmas Candy! This Christmas Edition Book of Candy Bundle includes Two Skittles Book of Awesome in Christmas Themed Candy Box and a BELLATAVO Refrigerator Magnet. Each Skittles book of candy contains three-2.17 Skittles Fun Size bags in a holiday themed packaging for a total of six skittles individual packs your kids would surely enjoy. Get the six original flavors of Skittles in each 2.17 Oz Skittles Fun Size Packs. Get a burst of bold fruit flavors that includes orange, lemon, green apple, grape and strawberry in this Skittles Book of Awesome Candy Book. Have a colorful holiday and enjoy red skittles, green skittles, orange skittles, yellow skittles and purple skittles. With Skittles Book of Awesome Christmas Candy Book you can send in a sweet holiday candy gift and greet your friends and loved ones with Sweet Selfies that you could include in the book. Get your favorite skittles candy combined with a Christmas Book in one with Skittles Book of Awesome in Holiday Edition Gift Box. These Skittles Christmas Candy Book is perfect for Christmas Stocking Stuffers, care packages, or as a Christmas Candy Gift this season.

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