Bobs Red Mill Semolina Flour (24oz) & BELLATAVO Recipe Card

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Size: 1.5 Pound (Pack of 1)
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Craving for fresh pasta? Grab this Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour Bundle. The bundle includes one bag of 24 oz of Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour and a Semolina Flour Recipe Card from BELLATAVO! Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour is made from the finest durum wheat (durum flour). It is an indispensable ingredient for homemade fresh pasta, and an excellent choice for Italian-style breads. This soft yellow flour has it all: Good looks, flavor, and multi-purpose functionality. Semolina a coarse grind of high-protein durum wheat gives nutty, sweet flavor and striking pale yellow color to breads, pizzas, and pasta. Substitute it for some (or all) of the all-purpose flour in your recipe.We love how versatile it is: Sprinkle it on a baking sheet in place of cornmeal to keep breads from sticking, or boil it in milk (like grits) for a warm breakfast porridge. A little maple syrup and cream won't hurt, either. This additive free durum wheat is finely ground with semolina's signature yellowish tint and resistant and elastic gluten. Ideal for certain traditional pastas and breads, and wherever the distinctive color, texture and flavor characteristics of semolina are desired. Ideal for long rise dough, this flour is comprised of very high quality proteins and gluten. Wondering what flour to use for pasta? Semolina, made from the finest durum wheat, is commonly used to make pasta, but it also makes a magnificent loaf of bread. Now you can buy semolina flour and make noodles, lasagna, fettuccini and other pastas with the same durum flour professionals use! If you use a pasta maker, you'll be delighted with the superior results when you switch from all-purpose wheat flour to our finest quality durum semolina. PERFECT TEXTURE: Different from our other flour types, semolina is more coarse in texture with a yellow buttery color and increased elasticity, ideal for fresh pasta.

  • This semolina flour for pasta listing is for one 24 oz resealable bag of Bobs Red Mill Semolina Flour plus a BELLATAVO Recipe Card!
  • Bob's Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour is made from the finest durum wheat flour, perfectly suited for handmade pasta
  • Bob's Red Mill Semolina flour is the chef’s choice for pizza flour, this makes a fabulous pizza. Semolina is the purified milling of durum wheat.
  • Semolina is more coarse in texture with a yellow buttery color and increased elasticity, making it the ideal pasta flour. Create perfect fresh pasta sheets with Bobs Red Mill Semolina Flour!
  • Semolina flour consists of 12-13 percent protein and has a low elasticity and higher plasticity than most flour that is used for pasta.

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