Blue Raspberry Flavored Gum Bundle. Includes Three-2.12 Oz Bags of Big League Chew Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum. Refreshing Burst of Blue Raspberry in a Gum! Bundle Comes with a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet!

Sale price$11.99


Rob Nelson, a left-handed pitcher for the Portland Maverick, came up with Big League Chew in the bullpen during the summer of 1977. Big League Chew first appeared on store shelves in 1980 after Jim Bouton, a teammate on the Mavs, helped the inventor refine his shredded bubble gum product. Big League Chew has a more intense flavor and loses flavor slower than other popular bubble gums. Big League Chew's special mix is designed to give an extremely soft chew that distinguishes our shreds from other brands. Find your favorite Big League Chew taste by trying all five wonderful flavors! Big League Chew Gum just not satisfies your taste buds, but also solves your worries, since this treat is a Trans Fat Free, Gluten Free, Aspartame Free, and a Peanut Free Bubble Gum. A great choice indeed to step up your treats!

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