Assorted Tazo Tea Variety Pack. Includes 48 Tazo Tea Bags. Variety Pack Bundled with a BELLATAVO Fridge Magnet in a Bellatavo Gift Box. Get Three Each of 16 Flavors of Assorted Tazo Tea Bags.

Sale price$23.99


Looking for tea samplers that has the best flavors of tea in one tea assortment gift box? Try our tea bags variety pack. This tea bags variety pack box includes 48-count Tazo Tea Bags in 16 assorted tea flavors in a BELLATAVO Tea Sampler Box bundled with a BELLATAVO Refrigerator Magnet. Pause and a have break from your exhausting day with our Tazo Tea Variety Pack. Destress and unwind with our caffeinated and decaffeinated tea assortment box and have a cup of tea that suits your mood and needs. Our tea sampler set comes with 9 flavors of decaffeinated tazo tea and 7 flavors of caffeinated tea bags perfect when you need an extra boost to your day. Get 3 each of 16 flavors of tazo tea bags individually wrapped for a total of 48 variety tea bags. Flavors include: Tazo Chai Tea Bags, Sweet Cinnamon Spice, China Green Tips, Tazo Earl Grey Tea Bags, Wild Sweet Orange, Decaf Chai Tea, Awake Tazo English Breakfast Tea Bags, Calm Chamomile Tea Bags, Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple, Organic Peach Green, Vanilla Bean Macaron, Refresh Tazo Mint Tea, Energize, Tazo Passion Tea Bags, Zen and Tazo Dream Tea. Our Tazo Tea Variety Pack is packaged in a BELLATAVO Box and comes with a BELLATAVO Refrigerator Magnet. You can enjoy 16 flavored tea bags or you can get this a a tea sampler gift set box for your family and friends to indulge on. Take a break with a cup of your preferred flavor of hot tea or iced tea in hand with our Tazo Tea Variety Pack. You don't have to buy a whole tea box with our assorted tea variety pack.

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