Antioxidant Blend (8 oz)

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Superfood staple Cacao Powder joins with antioxidant powerhouses Acai and Goji Berry Powder for a delicious cacao with added nutritional benefits for whole-body wellness. Same premium quality, same versatile use—simply swap 1:1 for regular cocoa powder.

Cacao: Antioxidants, fiber and minerals (magnesium, calcium & iron) Acai & Goji Berry: Rich antioxidant profiles No added sugar, fillers or preservatives Cacao+ Antioxidant Blend is a delicious, convenient mix of organic, minimally processed cacao and superberry powders (acai & goji), providing an abundant antioxidant boost.

Tasting of rich dark chocolate with a hint of berry, it’s an ideal 1:1 swap anywhere you would use unsweetened cocoa powder. Add to smoothies, brownies, oatmeal, cakes and other chocolate recipes.

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