Fruity Cereal (9 oz)

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Premium, All-Natural Ingredients We believe what you put in your body matters. So we only use the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients available. Non-GMO blend of plant proteins and fibers Our blend of seven plant proteins and fibers is designed to keep you full longer and promote gut health.   Zero artificial ingredients We never have and never will use any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors of any kind. Here's Why Crunchy is Better: Keeps You Full Longer Crunchy foods that are high in fiber and protein take up more room in your stomach, which means you stay full, longer. Burns More Calories Just like celery, when you crunch on Catalina Crunch, you burn calories in the process. Prevents Overeating According to science, crunchy foods are more pleasurable to eat and thus your brain tells your stomach you are full sooner. Boosts Your Energy Crunching on Catalina Crunch gets your blood flowing to your jaws and brain, waking you up and boosting your energy.

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